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Scrap Processing

A-Z Recycling in Columbus, OH strives to be a full-service provider to our many industrial customers, by purchasing and selling metal recycling services. Our employees have over 25-years of experience, marketing various types of metals. A-Z Recycling prides ourselves on creating value for our customers by delivering the highest quality service and products in the metal recycling industry.

We purchase the following materials:

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel Alloy

  • Brass

  • Insulated Copper Wire

  • Insulated Aluminum Wire

  • ​Electric Motors

  • Transformers

  • Sealed Units

  • Post-Industrial Plastics

  • Steel

The Chopping Line

We have a wire chopping line on-site that cuts, separates, and removes insulation from insulated copper and insulated aluminum wire. By using the chopping line, A-Z Recycling can provide our customers with a more accurate recovery and more competitive prices for their copper and aluminum wire.

We offer toll chopping for our customers who bring in bulk insulated copper or insulated aluminum over 10,000 lbs. With toll chopping, customers can bring A-Z Recycling Inc. your insulated copper and insulated aluminum and we can process it on-site. We charge a small percentage service fee per pound processed.

Processing Plastics

We partner with DMS Recycling in Mount Vernon, Ohio to offer post-industrial plastic brokering, re-processing, and recycling. DMS Recycling offers a wide variety of services for industrial plastics, including: shredding, grinding, labor-intensive separations, and material baling. We also provide storage service on request.


DMS Recycling can analyze your plastic waste material stream, or locate a quality on-going recycled content stream for your product needs. DMS Recycling's main products include plastic regrind ABS, PP, HDPE, NYLON, PET, PC, PS, LDPE FILM, etc.


DMS Recycling work both domestic and overseas. For all plastic recycling inquiries, please contact DMS Recycling.

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